Harvest Farm

Harvest Farm

Farm playground theme

The Story: We get to visit Grandpa’s farm for the weekend. Let’s hitch a ride on the tractor! Our favorite animals are here, and look how big the crops are!

Farm Park brings a slice of Americana into the local playground. A realistic tractor, horse, cow, pigs, and vegetables are all here.   

Farm Tractor

The Farm Tractor allows young minds to ride through the family farm. The realistic design offers imagination and an accessible style of play value for children of various ages and abilities.

HT: 4'-3"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Farm Sign

Coming soon!

Hay Bale Climber

Play from the farm comes to the playground with this charming climber. The Hay Bale Climber is the ideal icon for farm and Old West themes. 

HT: 3'-3"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Jersey Cow

Spec coming soon!

Dairy Cow

Kids are part of the farm with the Dairy Cow in their playground. She is great for barnyard and farm themes. Kids can clamber over her or make her a part of their imaginative play.

HT: 3'-1"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Farm Pig

This little piggy went to the playground. The Farm Pig is a great addition to any farm or barnyard theme, adding a friend for kids to include in their imaginative games.

HT: 1'-4"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Hay Bale

This simple play piece is great for sitting and for augmenting farm and Old West themes. The Hay Bale also makes for a simple little climber.

HT: 1'-5"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

The Farm theme playground theme can be designed for parks large and small!

You can use these parts and more to make custom playground themes for your local park, playground, or daycare. UPC Parks can even design custom playground equipment to make your location extra special and memorable.

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