High Seas Adventure

High Seas Adventure

Pirate Ship playground theme

The Story:  The huge waves have carried the remains of the ship into the shallows. It’s rumored a huge octopus lurks in these waters. Time to explore this island! The "High Seas Adventure" playground theme brings popular pirate and adventure themes into your local playground with an enormous sunken pirate ship, marine animals, and hidden treasure!

The 'High Seas Adventure' Pirate Ship Playground features a 'linked play' layout, meaning the playground equipment is connected for optimum play value. Children can enjoy imaginative adventures and challenge themselves by hopping across floating barrels, swinging on ropes, and running to escape from the giant octopus!

Featured in Playgrounds from:  

  • Storybook Woods Park in Elk Grove, CA: YELP LINK
  • Cadboro-Gyro Park in Victoria, BC: YELP LINK
  • Broadmoor Lake Park in Sherwood Park, AB: YELP LINK

You can read more about the Broadmoor Lake park here:

High Seas Product Line


Ahoy, mateys! Wild high seas buccaneer action and imagination come alive with this massive ship. This impressive piece features nautical details and climbing action that will bring everyone aboard. 

HT: 8'-7"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Treasure Chest

Imagination is pure gold with the Treasure Chest. This realistic and colorful piece is great for pirate and fairy tale themes where junior treasure seekers can experience the discovery of a lifetime.

HT: 2'-7"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC


This iconic ocean structure is a beacon for friends and imagination. Children can gather inside the interior or challenge themselves to climb on top of the high lookout. 

HT: 6'-3"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC


This oversized Star Fish looks like it came right out of the ocean. It has a uniquely textured surface that kids can climb over and explore. It’s great for marine themes and imaginative play.

HT: 1'-9"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Octopus Prime

This friendly giant is the premiere sea dweller for your playground. Octopus Prime comes standard with three (3) unique tentacles, but the amount can be customized for your installation, creating a unique design specifically for your project. 

HT: 3'-8"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Floating Barrels

This realistic barrel is a great little climber for Old West and Pirate themes. It can be floating in the “water” or on dry land. Comes in “standing” and “laying” varieties.   

HT: 2'-6"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Sea Lions

Enjoy some seaside fun with the Sea Lion. This mother and pup pair is a delightful addition to any playground. Great for ocean themes and imaginative play games.

HT: 2'-11"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Shark Fin

Add an element of excitement to ocean and pirate themes with the Shark Fin. This iconic fin is sure to inspire thrilling games and imaginative play on the playground. Da dun... Da dun...

HT: 2'-9"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Sea Turtle

This realistic Mother Sea Turtle enjoys basking on the beach with her eggs. Her size makes her a friendly climber for younger children. She is great for tropical and ocean themes.

HT: 2'-0"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Rock Crab

The Rock Crab is great for ocean and seaside themes. He makes a fun stepping stone and imaginative play piece. He looks like he crawled right out of the ocean!

HT: 1'-3"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

The High Seas playground theme can be designed for parks large and small!

You can use these parts and more to make custom playground themes for your local park, playground, or daycare. UPC Parks can even design custom playground equipment to make your location extra special and memorable.

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