Major League

Major League

Baseball sports playground theme

The Story: The crowd cheers as our ball flies out of the field. We need to tag our friends and run for home plate!

The "Major League" playground theme brings the excitement and action of sporting events into the playground. Larger-than-life baseballs, bats, and thematic benches offer stadium-sized fun and memories.

Glove Tunnel

Sports themed fun has great play value with the Baseball Glove Tunnel. This realistic design features a tunnel-like crawl through, and the shape makes a good climber for younger fans.

HT: 3'-2"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Baseball Bat

Great as a balancing play piece, this impressive bat can include team logos or names to create a special customized touch (for additional charge). Complete the major league look with the Baseball (pictured above).

HT: 1'-9"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Baseball Bench

A fun sports themed bench.

Spec coming soon!

Baseball Glove Climber

This award-winning design is sure to catch the eye of adults and the attention of children. The glove’s stitching allows adventurous fans to scramble over it, and the mitt’s cave-like recess adds additional play value.

HT: 6'-9"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Soccer Ball Bench

A fun sports themed bench.

Spec coming soon!


Monday night action is all week long with the Football. This American favorite is great for showcasing team spirit and as a play piece. It can include team logos or names to create a custom park feature (for additional charge).

HT: 2'-5"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Medium Hop Rocks

Like all Hop Rocks, is used to create an affordable Linked-Play connection between Monoliths and large Roamers. They are great for active play where kids can run, jump and hop!

HT: 1'-1"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

The Major League playground theme can be designed for parks large and small!

You can use these parts and more to make custom playground themes for your local park, playground, or daycare. UPC Parks can even design custom playground equipment to make your location extra special and memorable.

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