Mighty Sequoia

Mighty Sequoia

Rocks & Ropes playground theme

The Story: This classic Rocks & Ropes playground features adventure inspired from nature, with realistic logs to traverse, boulders to hop over, and monolithic rock climbers to conquer.

The "Nature Play" playground theme offers the play value of a naturally-inspired play environment appeals to children of all ages, and encourages a more active play experience than plastic equipment. 

Ant Rock

The perfect mix of tree stump and boulder, with scampering and climbing. It features a crawl-through cave, and multiple rope attachments including the Three Rope Bridge, Two Rope Bridge, and Offset Ropes.

HT: 6'-3"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Sequoia Roots

Almost 8’ tall with an amazing variety of climbing and adventure. It is inspired by weathered Sequoia root systems and features multiple crawl-through holes, roots to grab, and bark-like textures to explore.

HT: 7'-10"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Lizard Log

Part log, part rock, the Lizard Log is great for agility and scampering where kids can challenge themselves climbing up on top of it, and running and jumping off the end.

HT: 2'-6"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Sequoia Log

An entire group of kids can climb at once with their friends, and inside is a totally new experience, where kids of all abilities can socialize on the built-in benches.

HT: 6'-4"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Peekaboo Rock

Plenty of challenging climbing with both an easy side and a steeper side for challenge. New climbers can hone their skills while playing along with the more advanced crowd, and both have an easy route down. 

HT: 7'-9"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Forked Log

A low-to-the-ground Roamer designed for fast movement. Its branching path is perfect for a three way connection in a linked-play Roamers area – the perfect piece to be on when playing Hot Lava tag.

HT: 1'-2"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Iguana Rock

Great Roamer for scampering and traversing, featuring an arch where kids can cross over, testing their agility with the safety of handholds. It’s good for imaginative play, like the bridge of a chasm.

HT: 3'-5" Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Lookout Rock (5' deck)

The ultimate playground climber, offering technical climbing, an easy climb- through cave, a lookout ledge that can be functionally linked to a 5' deck and multiple rope attachment options.

HT: 7'-11" Ages: 5-12   SPEC

Old Oak

With 23 massive feet of adventure, Old Oak is the largest thing on the playground. Designed like a simulated decomposing natural fallen oak trunk with a root ball, it’s an impressive piece that is like a playground in itself.

HT: 3'-5"   Ages: 2-12   SPEC

Ramp Rock (ADA accessible)

Incorporates an ADA pathway into the course so a Rocks & Ropes linked play circuit can cross over a fully accessible ADA pathway, thus allowing kids in wheelchairs to be included in the middle of the fun.

HT: 2'-5" Ages: 2-12   SPEC


The largest and most challenging Rocks & Ropes Monolith. It offers exciting and adventurous climbing with secure foot and handholds and features a fun cave recess that several friends can aspire to reach.

HT: 8'-2"   Ages: 5-12   SPEC

The Mighty Sequoia playground theme can be designed for parks large and small!

You can use these parts and more to make custom playground themes for your local park, playground, or daycare. UPC Parks can even design custom playground equipment to make your location extra special and memorable.

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